I’m so excited! You will be too if you like your romance with a side of humor.

 Gray Matter: Deep Six Security Book 5 releases in less than two weeks.

I hope you’ve preordered Gray Matter, which releases on 8/28, because I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.  Warning: Do not drink anything while reading because I really unleashed my funny on this one.

Gray had no idea what he was in for when he agreed to help his new office manager for the east coast office clean her dirty laundry.  The mafia princess took him on a wild, funny and hot ride before he fell for her making it a life sentence.  At the end, he couldn’t think of anyone he’d rather share a prison cell with for the rest of his life.

Pre-Order Today at your Favorite Retailer so it’s on your e-reader on 8/28! www.books2read.com/GrayMatter



Can Gray help his new office manager clean her dirty laundry? Or will the mafia princess hang him out to dry?

Since leaving the FBI Grayson Jennings has found peace in his life with his job as a forensic accountant with Deep Six Security and he treasures it. It remains that way until Michaela Girabaldi is hired as the new office manager for their east coast office.

The smart-mouthed Jersey girl strolls into the office in red high heels with her bags packed with enough dirty laundry to last them both a lifetime. In Prison. Her dirtiest laundry is the 1.2 million dollars she insists she didn’t steal from the mob and Gray is wrangled into helping her find it. 

Well, this was not Gray’s first rodeo with a beautiful criminal and he had the bruises to prove it. He was not going to blindly trust a woman ever again, especially one suspected of murder and many other nasty crimes. He would help her, but he wouldn’t be getting into bed with the mafia princess or falling for her or her games.

Mickie says only her cousin knows where the loot is located, so Gray sets out to find her. To do that, he’ll have to follow the money, but he is afraid at the end of that trail he’ll find a lot more than he bargained for, because had a feeling the sexy-as-sin woman was guilty as hell. 

But will he find the money before the mob finds Mickie? Or will she distract him with her Nonna’s Magic Massage Oil and fritattas at the beach house where they’re hiding out and get them both killed?  

Pre-Order Today at your Favorite Retailer so it’s on your e-reader on 8/28! www.books2read.com/GrayMatter



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