Hot cowboys, a dash of suspense and a lot of southern humor are the perfect recipe for Trouble.

The Texas Trouble Series is a contemporary cowboy/western romantic suspense series containing twelve books which can be read as standalone novels, but some characters cross over, so the read is enriched if the series is read in order.  The entire series is now available at all major e-book retailers!

My Kind of Trouble (#1, Texas Trouble)

When she left her hometown ten years prior, Cassie Bellamy had no intention of ever going back. Phoenix is where she built her life and it was a good one. But when her father is injured, she has no choice but to return. The question in her mind was could ten years be enough time to forgive and forget about the dark-haired devil who sent her running to Arizona?

On a nostalgic whim, Cassie drives her old pickup back to town and her question is quickly answered when it breaks down and Luke Matthews stops to help her. Although he’s no longer the nineteen year old badboy from her girlhood fantasies, the sex-on-a-stick, fully grown man is even more of a force to be reckoned with by her heart.

Cassie decides her best plan of action is hiding out at the Double B Ranch until her father recovers and she can go back to Phoenix, but Luke Matthews isn’t letting her run. He is on her two-yard line and won’t be satisfied until he scores.

Her fiance’s appearance proved to be a buffer, but not when she starts to have doubts about him as her business partner too. When those doubts turn into dangerous facts, Cassie realizes the only one she can turn to is Luke. But could she convince the jaded playboy lawmen to help her? And could she protect her heart while he protected her?

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The Trouble With Love (#2, Texas Trouble)

After her adrenaline-junkie cop husband is killed, Phoenix Detective Sabrina Roberts vows she will never date or marry a cop again. Her remedy for loneliness and grief was to throw herself into her job, and train hard to make sure the same thing that happened to her husband never happened to her. That helped, but it also brought her near a burnout fast, so she was thankful to get a call from a friend in Bowie, Texas who asked her to stand in her wedding. She felt like it would give her a mental vacation and hopefully she’d be better when she returned to work.

Relaxation is the last thing she finds when she gets to her friend’s ranch, though. Her estranged brother calls to tell her he’s in trouble and she finds out a stalker is determined to stop the wedding by killing the bride. Sabrina is resolved to protect her friend at any cost, but the small town Sheriff, Cole Jackson is equally resolved to getting in her way. His sexist views on policewomen makes Sabrina want to show him a few of her skills up close and personal, but the skillset she wants to exhibit changes when he gets under her skin in a way no man had since her husband died.

But that would have to wait, because her vacation had turned into a case and Sabrina was going to solve it, so the too-handsome-for-his-and her–own-good Sheriff better lead, follow or get the hell out of her way.

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Double The Trouble (#3, Texas Trouble)

Professional rodeo roper Karlie Upton is done with arrogant testosterone-soaked cowboys and she’s done with the rodeo. Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she’d just broken up with, Karlie heads to her old friend’s ranch to lick her wounds and hide out. Karlie knows her ex will come looking for her, because not only did she leave him, she took his meal ticket with her, a fifty-pound slack-jawed bulldog named Sarge who he received five-thousand dollars a month to care for from his crazy grandpa’s estate.

Karlie’s plans to lie low go to hell, though, when the first person she meets in Bowie is the Chief Deputy Gabe Kelly. The handsome deputy not only gives her a lecture, he writes her a speeding ticket she definitely couldn’t afford. That was all fine, though, until he threatened to impound her dog. Then things got real ugly, and he found out fast why she was called the “Wild Child” of the rodeo circuit.

Karlie usually regretted the impulsive things she did, like roping a deputy, but she regrets them super fast this time when her ex-boyfriend shows up at the ranch for his dog, then ups the ante by kidnapping her sister, and the only man who can help her is Gabe Kelly. But can she eat enough crow to convince him to help her?

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Looking For Trouble (#4, Texas Trouble)

After surviving near bankruptcy at the hands of her manager, country singer Jess Sparks is on the road to recovery. She’s hired to sing at a ranch retirement party on her birthday, and meets a sexy, long-legged rodeo cowboy who whets her whistle and more. On a dare from her best friend, Jess decides to give herself a birthday present. When she finds out afterwards that she’s gotten a bonus and is one of the two-percent club that condom boxes warn about, she is both thrilled and horrified at the same time.

Her career is sidelined for a while to welcome her precious angel into the world, but Jess gets right back on the road. When that road leads to a wedding gig at the same ranch where she’d met the cowboy, she’s a little freaked out, but takes it, because the odds are low she’ll see him again. The man without a name, is a tumbleweed and had only been a guest at the party.

When Jess arrives there to find out he’s not only there–he’s now the ranch manager–she almost turns her van around. But she needs the money for Angel, and he doesn’t know about the baby, so she thinks she’s safe. Her luck is still not running, though. She didn’t count on the cowboy being smarter than the average saddle bum, but he is. Not only does Wade Roberts quickly put two and two together to figure out that Angel is his daughter, instead of running like most men would, he demands a place in his daughter’s life, and by osmosis hers.

Used to making her own decisions for herself and the baby, can Jess allow that to happen? If she doesn’t, will he try to take Angel away? Things get thicker when country music industry vultures get their claws into her and she might lose her daughter anyway. Will Wade help her, because he’s the only one who can? Or will he let them have her, so he has a clear path to custody of Angel with her out of the way?

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Trouble In Dixie (#5, Texas Trouble)

Professional rodeo team roper, Katie Upton, is tired of being called the “Mild Child” in relation to her less inhibited twin sister. She’s spent a lifetime cleaning up her sister’s messes, the last of which landed her working for the handsome, but standoffish, owner of the Rockin’ D ranch in Amarillo. Katie whips the ranch into shape in no time but gets crossways with her new boss when she tries to corral his spoiled little princess daughter. Dixie tells her father that Katie is boring, and he seems to agree which makes Katie determined to redefine herself to show the hot, widowed rancher just how un-boring she could be.

For ten years, Tommy Tucker had kept his nose to the grindstone working his ranch and raising his motherless daughter. That kept him on the right side of his interfering mother-in-law who seemed determined he was never going to remarry because Tommy had made the unthinkable decision to save his baby instead of his wife, her deceased daughter. When Tommy makes the mistake of hiring a sexy redheaded horse trainer with a smart mouth, she not only puts him on his mother-in-law’s radar again, she causes nothing but grief for his daughter too so he fires her to keep the peace. But then Tommy finds out more about her situation and feels guilty so he tracks her down to hire her again, but the woman he finds isn’t the one who briefly worked at his ranch. This tattooed blond bombshell is hotter than habaneros in July, and Tommy can’t resist sampling her heat. When they get back to the ranch though, he quickly realizes that decision could ultimately cost him his daughter because his well-connected mother-in-law is on the warpath and she has friends in low places.

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Asking For Trouble (#6, Texas Trouble)

Country Fiddler Jazzie Ramos doesn’t know what to do with herself now that her best friend and band mate is getting married. The band has finally broken through, she’s making oodles of money, so why isn’t she happier about it? Even playing in Tahiti at her friend’s wedding can’t seem to break the funk that’s plagued her for months. But when a surefire cure for the blues shows up at the wedding, Beau Bowman, a hotter than jalapenos Texas Ranger she’d met in Bowie, Jazzie decides it’s way past time she wrinkle the sheets with the sexy lawman.

Her plans get interrupted, though, by a frantic call from home. Her youngest brother is in trouble, and she has to get home fast. When Beau insists on helping her, how can she accept when she knows the characters Frankie is involved with could kill him? And if the gangsters don’t knock him off, her older brothers might when they see the sparks flying between them?

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Chasing Trouble (#7, Texas Trouble)

Dr. Jenny Anderson doesn’t have time for men or the complications they bring to her life, but when sexy wildcat oilman Chase Rhodes is brought into her ER for treatment, she quickly reconsiders. The man looked like a male model, had a smile that could melt her panties at fifty paces. But she had a firm rule about not getting cozy with patients, and he needed her help not her ogling. After he asks her out when he’s discharged, Jenny turns him down and Chase leaves the hospital. She thinks she’ll never see him again, but then gets a note from his mother personally inviting her to a party to thank her for saving her baby boy’s life. Jenny wants nothing to do with a thirty-year-old mama’s boy, so she politely declines.

She thinks that’s the end of it, but then Chase shows up on her doorstep in person–not to ask her out again, but to offer her a job at his drilling company! When she is resistant, Chase throws a staggering salary figure at her. A number that could help her pay off her mountainous student loans. But Jenny was suspicious, she had a feeling that Chase Rhodes expected a lot more for his money than a Health and Safety Officer, so before she accepted she made it perfectly clear there would be no fringe benefits included. That left the only problem being how she would convince herself not to offer them to him.

Fighting her attraction to Chase Rhodes soon becomes the least of her problems though. An arsonist seems to have it in for Rhodes Drilling, and maybe even Chase and his family. Jenny is caught right in the middle and soon more than the wells fires are burning between she and the handsome oilman. But would they survive long enough to find the saboteur and save his company so they had an opportunity to explore that love?

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Here Comes Trouble (#8, Texas Trouble)

After a traumatic event at her job, Trauma Nurse Terri Cassidy is looking for a fresh start. She heads to her friend’s place in Amarillo to lick her wounds and find work. The job she’s offered may not be one she wants, though. Former attorney Joel Rhodes, a man she’d had a fling with during his nasty divorce, needs a resident medic for his dude ranch. But could she actually work for a man who told her that night she was basically one of many flavors he planned to sample?

She was desperate and didn’t have much choice, but she was going to make one thing clear to him. Business was business and there would not be a repeat performance of that night. She’d had enough of groping bosses to last her a lifetime.

But then the unexpected happened. Being around the sexy, jaded rancher twenty-four-seven, Terri gets to know and understand him better, care about him even. She is shocked when she suddenly finds herself wanting to become the groper, which has him running from her.

But then his ex-wife shows up out of the blue asking for his help, and Joel doesn’t know she exists. He drops everything, including her, to try and solve the conniving woman’s problems which frustrates Terri. That frustration turns to horror though when the ex turns up dead in his bunkhouse and he is at the top of the suspect list.

Could she be falling in love with a killer? When he’s trying to solve the murder and adds her to his own list of suspects, can she ever forgive him? Or is his accusation just a deflection to hide his own guilt?

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Worth The Trouble (#9, Texas Trouble)

Horse trainer Roxanne Baker’s daddy had warned her about smooth-talking city boys at sixteen. She’d always heeded that advice–until the day she met urban firefighter Ethan Cassidy at a wedding. It didn’t take long for him to talk her out of her chaps in the barn, even knowing the next day he’d be gone.

When Ethan shows up again out of the blue at the ranch, Rockie almost doesn’t recognize him and he acts like he doesn’t know her. Gone is the charismatic, confident man and in his place is a sullen, bitter and cynical shell of his former self.

When she finds out why, an accident has ended the career he loved and he may be in a wheelchair forever, Rockie is determined to help him. But the man was stubborn as a mule and didn’t want her help so Rockie had to get creative. She teased him with talk of an Equine Search and Rescue Team that was forming, knowing he didn’t ride. He begged her to teach him and she used the lessons as equine therapy to help him regain his mobility and balance.

Day by day he gets better, but he still has a long way to go when the search and rescue team is activated to locate a missing child in Palo Duro Canyon. Ethan insists on going, actually comes alive when he sees a lot of his friends at the camp, but then hinky things begin to happen during the search that seem directed at him. The deeper he and Rocky ride into the canyon, the more Ethan suspects that one of his friends might not want them to make it back to camp. That leads him to conclude that his accident at work may not have been accidental at all, but they’d have to stay alive for him to find out.

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Royal Trouble (#10, Texas Trouble)

Former Miss Texas Leigh Ann Baker knows she is more than a beauty queen. Convincing everyone else in her life of that is the problem, especially her overbearing mother who wants to marry her off to the highest bidder like a prize pig at the county fair.

Her sister moved to Amarillo and seems happy, so Leigh Ann decides to go there too. When she can’t find a job and is running out of money, Roxanne helps her get a job at a local vet’s office. The problem is although she loves animals, they hate her. But she finds out they don’t hate her more than her sexy new boss who was burned by his ex-wife and now hates all pretty women.

Determined to prove to him she’s not just a pretty face, that she can be useful in the office, Leigh Ann takes on the mountain of collections the jaded, single father has no time for. If there was one thing she knew how to deal with, it was debt. Her pageant success had also given her the gift of diplomacy.

Leigh Ann goes to a shady local ranch, but collects a price on her head, instead of money. She sees things she shouldn’t and is suddenly up to her tiara in trouble. The bad guys want her dead, the FBI wants her to talk, and the only thing standing between her and six-feet-under is a six-foot-tall vet with a bad attitude. But will he save her when he wants her gone too?


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Trouble With The Law (#11, Texas Trouble)

Criminal defense attorney Veronica Winters always wondered what it would be like with sexy former detective Trace Rooks. Even though he’s an ex-convict now, because of her, she still wonders. Ronnie has always felt damned guilty for recommending a plea deal that sent an innocent man to jail.

When she finds out Trace is back in prison, she sees her chance to make amends, so she goes to see him to offer her help. The man she finds at the jail, though, is changed. The scars on the outside of his hard body are nothing compared to the scars he bears inside. The charming, easy going man she represented four years prior is gone and his attitude is now just as hard as his body.

The new, edgier Trace Rooks turns her on even more than the man she knew before, but he believes she’s only there to snoop for his crooked father, a state senator who put behind bars in the first place. Ronnie knows she’ll have a hard time convincing him to let her help him, but that wouldn’t stop her. They didn’t call her the Shark Lady for nothing.

When she starts digging into the shady dealings at the ranch where he worked and got into the second round of trouble, Ronnie steps off into a manure pile that’s taller than Trace Rooks. Before long, she’s the one on the run from the FBI, and the crooks, and the only one who can save her is a jaded ex-lawman who hates her guts.

Would Trace help her escape the drug runners, though? Or would he let them have her, like she’d done to him during his first trial?

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Borrowing Trouble (#12, Texas Trouble)

Dylan Thomas, a cowboy with a tough childhood, is as settled as the bucking bulls he used to ride for a living. His lifelong mode of operation has been to avoid attachments and only take care of himself because nobody else was going to. After an almost career-ending injury, he’s been stuck at the R & R Ranch teaching snobby rich guys to ride bulls until he can get back to the rodeo. He’s restless and ready to get back on the road until a new guest shows up at the ranch. A sad-eyed widow named Carrie Collins who smells like sugar cookies and kisses like an angel. Dylan doesn’t do relationships, but he has a weakness for sugar cookies, and for Carrie Collins.

Worn out widow Carrie Collins is at the end of her rope, and hanging on by a thread. She’s up to her eyeballs in bills, and her two children are out of control. So what does her dead husband’s best friend think is the perfect solution to her problems? A visit to a Texas dude ranch, masquerading as a spa for the rich and famous. Carrie thinks he’s lost his mind, but goes. When she meets handsome ranch hand, Dylan Thomas, at the ranch she doesn’t think it’s quite so bad an idea after all. Dylan suggests they take a ride to the lake, and Carrie jumps in with both feet. It’s been three years since her husband died, and she figures it’s about time she got back in the saddle of life…and other things.

With his doctor’s release in hand, Dylan has nothing holding him back from reclaiming his former life, except the trouble Carrie’s son Chris has borrowed by getting in with the wrong crowd. When things heat up, and Carrie is in trouble too, does he save the girl or save himself?

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